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I Remember

I Remember:
Memories of Raasay

by John Nicholson,
Burlinn Limited 1989,
ISBN 1-84158-222-0


John Nicholson was born on Raasay and lived there until he left to join the Merchant Navy in 1941. The island in the 1920s and 1930s was worlds away from the modern age; an idyllic place where the crofting way of life had remained unchanged for centuries; where transport and roads were virtually unknown, and where bartering was the standard way in which everyday necessities were obtained.

In this engaging and stimulating memoir, John Nicolson recounts the people and events that shaped his boyhood and adolescence, describing with sensitivity the joys and hardship of growing up in this unique and magical place.

His book offers a poignant glimpse into a way of life now lost forever and a celebration of one of Scotland's most beautiful islands


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