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Raasay Energy Action Project (REAP)

On the 31st of January 2008 a training day entitled “Finding Out About Energy” was held at the Isle of Raasay Hotel. The training was run by Community Action For Energy (CAfE) who are a nationwide organisation funded by the Energy Savings Trust. There was lots of information on the day about general energy issues, the effects of climate change and the need both to use our energy more efficiently and to move towards more sustainable, renewable types of generation for both heat and power.

Renewable EnergyIt was a great opportunity to really get to grips with energy efficiency measures and also start a discussion about what a Community Renewable Energy project could mean for Raasay.

Indeed there was such a good level of interest that an informal visit by Rab Lees, development officer for Highlands and Islands Energy Company (HICEC) was arranged to discuss requirements for commissioning a feasibility study.

Wind powerOn his recommendation an energy group was formed at an open meeting on Saturday 10th March. This group – Raasay Energy Action Project (REAP) – intends to commission a renewables feasibility study funded by HICEC.

The group will also consult with the community and the Forestry Commission to assess the viability (supply, demand etc) of a local firewood scheme.

The feasability study commissioned by the Raasay Energy Action Project was completed by the Atmos Consulting Group. To read the full report with their recommendation, please click here.




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