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Go to your Mail Box @ Raasay.com


Read email


Access the list of all email in your mailbox.

Compose an email
Here you can write new email.

Change Password
Here you can change the password for your mailbox.

Change email signature
You can modify your email signature here.

An address book
This feature is also included in the package

Other Features

- A Good FAQ section on WebMail exists

- The Mailbox is 1GB in size, so plenty space

NB. Always remember to logout of your mailbox

Raasay.com E-mail


Raasay.com e-mail - what are your options?

How to go about it? Before you can pick up your e-mail you will need to request the address from a Raasay.com administrator.

Due to some first names being very popular your name must be in the format david.mackay@raasay.com we could offer davidjmackay@raasay.com but it must have full first and second name in it somewhere. At this stage cannot offer for instance d.macleod@raasay.com

Once you have decided on the name send an e-mail with the heading "request for e-mail" to raasayweb@yahoo.com stating the name you require.

One of the administrators at Raasay.com will set up a mailbox for you in the format m36456263-34 with a password.

Admin will e-mail this password to you (please note admin status is of a volunteer nature so there may be some delay in getting the passwords to you)

So details are as follows your

username: you.selected@raasay.com
password: adminselected

So all that remains is to retrieve your account, to do this go follow this link or hit the graphic on the top right entitled 'Pick up your e-mail'.

Once you have logged in, change the password which adminselected to 'yourchoice', this helps the admins from having any access to your mailbox. Please note if you lose 'yourchoice' password the Raasay.com administrators cannot retrieve it for you.








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