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Local Business:

Raasay Local Business

Raasay Local Business


Employment opportunities on Raasay are fairly limited. Some work in the service industries including teaching, local government, NHS, Calmac, catering and Royal Mail. Some individuals work in forestry, fish farming and haulage, others are successful authors/writers.

Some Raasay residents are self-employed, mainly in building, crofting and agriculture.


Listed below are some of the local businesses which are located on Raasay.

Hugh MacKay Plant Hire

Raasay Stores

Ron Kroonstuiver

Winnie Ireland - Alexander Technique

Raasay Outdoor Centre

"For those local Raasay businesses which are not yet listed and would like to be added e-Mail your information to raasayweb@yahoo.com and we will try to accommodate your request". - RCA Team



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