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Raasay Books - The Botanist in Skye and Adjacent Islands

The Botanist in Skye and Adjacent Islands

The Botanist in Skye
and Adjacent Islands

by C.W. Murray H.J.B. Birks,
Prabost and Bergen 2005
ISBN: 0-9548971-0-2


The Isle of Skye and the nearby islands of Raasay, Rona, Soay, Scalpay, Rum, Canna, Eigg and Muck have a very varied geology, topography, climate and land-use which combine to create a wide range of habitats for plants and animals. As a result the plant life of these islands is extremely rich with over 800 species of flowering plants and ferns recorded in recent years. The flora contains plants of very contrasting geographical distribution within Europe and includes several nationally rare, scarce, or threatened species.

This guide details all the ferns and flowering plants that have been reliably recorded on the islands. The scientific, common and Gaelic names are given for each species, followed by a summary of the frequency, occurrences, distributions and habitats. Realised records are given for the rarer and more interesting species. Emphasis is on recent records and on plant distributions within and between the islands.

CW Murray is the botanical Society of the British Isles Recorder for vice-county 104 (North Ebudes).
H.J.B. Birks is a botanist and palaeoecologist who works at the University of Bergen (Norway) and University College London.


This book is available at £10
from: Raasay Stores


Stephen Bungard,
West Suisnish,
Isle of Raasay
IV40 8NX.
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